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Tuan Ngoc was born into a family of entertainers and performers, so it was a natural transition for him to follow the family's profession. At an early age, Tuan Ngoc excelled in the arts of entertainment and was chosen to perform in a children variety radio program in South Vietnam in the 60's.

In the early 70s Tuan Ngoc joined several bands to perform american pop music all over South Vietnam. The most famous being The Strawberry Four and The Top Five. Both bands were quite popular during this period and performed in a number of american clubs. The Strawberry Four in particular have their own show on television.

Tuan Ngoc settled in Hawaii after the fall of South Vietnam.


He continued to perform at various clubs and hotels throughout the islands. Tuan Ngoc finally moved to Southern California where he became a very popular musician as many people remembered him from Vietnam.

Tuan Ngoc style and his interpretation of music endeared him to his audience and fans. His style also lends itself to ballads and romantic music that are very much a staple in Vietnamese music. In recent years, Tuan Ngoc has become a bonafide star in the Vietnamese music community.

Tuan Ngoc has his own production company. He has produced under the Tuan Ngoc label, Tam Su Gui Ve Dau, Phoi Pha, Giot Le Cho Ngan Sau.